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Sep. 4th, 2010

Here are my lame excuses for not posting for over a month:

- I was on vacation.
- I just started school.
- I was hanging out with a friends.
- My laptop crashed.
- I wasn't on the computer (which is a lie, I just used my dad's).
- I have a really bad memory and forgot I had a livejournal (also a lie).
- I had a fatal accident and/or died (which I don't even have to tell you is a lie).

Yeah I'm just really bad at this...

Jul. 27th, 2010

Inception and Boating...not at the same time.

Well I saw Inception and it was FAN-TAST-TIC. Seriously, you have to see it. It's about dreams but it's more complicated than that. These people sort of manipulate dreams and can enter someone else's dreams and it's really interesting. Be prepared for the ending: it's the kind of ending where you love it or you hate it. But I seriously reccommend seeing it, you won't be disappointed. Just don't eat or drink anything; if you go to the bathroom, you'll miss a lot.

So yesterday I went boating with my friends and it was AWESOME. We went up to the lake and drove around, swam, played ball, and tube. Then afterwards we got ice cream, and it was great. That's what summer is all about. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to see Despicable Me again and hang out with some friends. 5 days until my cruise. I'll probably post a picture.

Jul. 24th, 2010

Haven't posted in forevaaaa

Sorry 'bout that. It's not that I've been busy, it's actually been quite the opposite...it's just my computer hasn't been working well lately. But there hasn't been anything groundbreaking lately, either, so that's probably part of it. I've just been hanging out with friends and stuff. I've been reading a lot, too. Last night (well actually this morning around like 1 AM) I finished this book. It's called Paper Towns by John Green. READ IT. It's good. :)

Going to see Inception today. I've heard it's awesome and I will probably write a review so keep your eyes open for that.

At this moment I am watching The Rocker, yes it's a dumb movie but I like it. :P

So.....write a comment! Yayyyyy

Jul. 6th, 2010


There are tons of marathons on this holiday weekend of ANTM and I'm so exciteddddddd!!!!!! :):) I love this show. And marathons of it are even more amazing! :D

Today it's.....well I forget what cycle but it's the one where Danielle wins. Honestly, I didn't really like Danielle that much......I thought she complained a lot and she was just annoying to listen to. I think Joanie should have won! She was a much better model. :)

What do you guys think?

Jun. 28th, 2010



First day of Drivers Ed and I'm already freaking out. I can't do this!!! It's way too complicated!!!!





Jun. 27th, 2010

Does this thing work if I have nothing to say?

I have nothing to say...

I'm so boring. :(

Jun. 24th, 2010


I'm finally finished with my Sex Ed unit in health. And we ended with great visuals of genital warts. yayyyyyy

Nothing much going on. I'm hungry. Bye.

Jun. 21st, 2010

My Weekend.

Oh boy! Where to begin? On Friday we got major stormage and my power went out. Ugh that was awful. No power or water for 4 days. (It just went back on this afternoon.) That was really difficult.

Today I watched Youth In Revolt. It was pretty good. I wasn't too impressed. But Michael Cera is adorable either way.

Tomorrow is Pretty Little Liars. SO excited!

That's all.

Jun. 15th, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - "The Jenna Thing"

OK, well it's the second Tuesday that PLL has showed, and my mind has changed on certain things.

I have changed my mind a little on the characters of Hanna and Spencer. But rather the people who play them. Hanna is turning out to be more promising than I first though. Maybe I didn't like her just because I didn't like her character. After all, she's not a very nice girl. And how I said Spencer looked too old? It's because she's so freakin' tall! In that one shot with her and Aria at the restaurant, she was towering over Lucy Hale. Jealous of her height.

Anyways Ian Harding was amazing as usual. Enough said. :D

I can't believe how much they have revealed so far, though. I have read the books before, and they've almost covered an entire book's worth! What will they have to build on? Filming a TV show goes by much faster than writing a book. Also because they jam-pack SO much stuff into one episode, you can't even miss a little between commercial breaks! I love it. This and Degrassi: The Boiling Point will definitely last me until Glee starts up again.

Well....I think that's everything. And here's for some uninteresting stuff (I won't mind if you scroll down).

Today we learned CPR. And the first time you go down on that dummy, giving him the breath of life or whatever, you're like, "OK....you're plastic. Hi." Weird. But I kind of got used to it. But I was getting paranoid that someone would keel over in the middle of the class. Oh well. We had 43 CPR-certified people in the room so it shouldn't have been a problem to get them back. And....yeah. I miss my friends/social life. Summer school, you're killing me but I only have half of you left to go. It's the half-way mark tomorrow! Wow that was fast, wasn't it? :)

OK, I'm gonna talk about God now sort of so don't flip out. Wow, sorry, I'm immature.

Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the band Flyleaf. Amazing band, especially the singer and whoever writes most of the songs! So go listen to them. Yes, they're a Christian band, but anyone can definitely relate to what they write about. And I was listening to Memento Mori (their latest album) and came across the song "Tiny Heart". It's an amazing song, but the part I loved the most was the bridge. Here's the lyrics:

          "You will never know
          What you have done to me.
          And you will never know losing love from me
          And you will never know a single day alone."

I think it's so cool. But let me tell you a little about the song before I go into that certain section. So basically this whole song is about God talking to his child (not to shove Christian lingo down your throat, but basically a follower of Christianity) and He is grieving because his child is being disobedient and doing things that He knows is not good for him/her. He just wants His child to return to Him and to love Him and recognize how much He loves him/her. Like here's the chorus: "Your lips touch every hand but mine. If you choose me, I'm waiting for you." And this bridge especially shows the unfailing love of God. Like it totally doesn't make any sense at all in our brains, but God doesn't make sense, does He? He defies all normal human behaviors, because even though He gave up so much for us, He loves us even more than we could ever love Him in return. Amazing. And this doesn't even just have to work for God. Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd hurt yourself for them, and even if they didn't recognize it you still love them unconditionally anyways? Probably not. But I think this is how a parent loves his/her child(ren). I know a lot of us don't like our parents and that they don't understand or that they don't listen and maybe they don't but I don't know one parent that genuinely doesn't care for his/her child. It would boggle my mind to find someone like that. But the bad thing is our parents aren't always perfect and sometimes they mess up, I mean they're human, too. But the awesome thing is that GOD NEVER MESSES UP.

Anyways, I guess that's like my deep observation for today. It really does astound me, just by the fact that it totally doesn't make sense in any way whatsoever but He's God and He doesn't have to make sense.

Jun. 14th, 2010

Am I allowed to rant on here?!

Whatever. Doesn't matter, I'm doing it anyway.

I hate girls who act like such idiots and act all ditzy because it's cute and then steal all the guys away from us smart innocent girls who care not to show our boobs hanging out. Especially if they already have a boyfriend!

And don't give me that, "It's OK to have friends who are guys" stuff. Because yes of course it is but it's not OK when you're dating someone else to be all over other guys and acting like idiots because it's "cute".

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Just because I don't want to wear denim underwear and spaghetti-strap camis and because I don't talk a lot about my hair products doesn't mean that I'm not fun or anything. And just because I may not be super talkative to you in person doesn't mean that I hate you or that I'm stuck up or that I'm not willing to be your friend. I'm NOT too good for anyone else and why don't you idiot boys try reaching out to other people for once?

Another thing. This one isn't really directed at anyone in particular but I hate it that girls are willing to have younger boyfriends, but then older girls go after younger guys and the younger guys like it so they date them because they're not willing to date girls their age. What happens to us girls?! We can't date older guys, because they don't want to date us, and we can't date our own guys because they're taken!

I hope I'm not alone on this subject matter.

I hate boys.

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